Rebecca Fox’s Bat Mitzvah January, 19 2013

January 30th, 2013

p0009It was a chilly Saturday morning, January 19th 2013 when Rebecca Fox was called to the torah at Keneseth Israel synagogue.  Rebecca took the podium and read from the torah like she has been doing it her whole life. While reading from the torah with great pride, Rebecca’s parents, grandparents, and younger sister watched with excitement as Rebecca was becoming a Bat p0255Mitzvah. Following the services the kids all packed onto the bus and families hopped into their cars, as they were ready to party at William Penn Inn.  When everyone arrived they were greeted with elaborate decorations.  The tables were set up very causal with flowers on each one but the place cards were very unique as well. Each place card was a custom wristband that represented Rebecca’s special day.  Once everyone was settled it was time for the cocktail hour to begin. The kids stayed in the party room and danced and played games while the adults went off to a separate room to talk with family and friends. As the cocktail hour came to a close it was time for some p0696partying to begin. Justin from 2-life talent gathered everyone on the dance floor, as it was time for the family to be introduced into the room. Everyone cheered as they announced Rebecca’s name. She then ran through the crowd with great pride, as it was time for the party to begin. Once everyone settled down it was time to do the candle lighting. Rebecca called up all her close family and friends as they each came up and lit a candle in her honor. Once all her candles were lit Rebecca then closed her eyes and p0084made a wish as she began to blow out her candles. Once the candle lighting was done everyone then gathered on the dance floor, as it was time 419773_479664365432995_295600961_n[1]for the hora to begin. Everyone then formed two circles as the danced around Rebecca and lifted her on a chair in honor of her special day. Let the celebration begin! Justin had everyone on the dance floor from start to finish. The kids and adults were both enjoying some music as well as games. Justin then had everyone take their seats, as it was time for everyone to eat their delicious dinner and also her some thoughtful words from Rebecca’s mom and dad. Everyone then raised a glass and cheered, once all was said and then a slow song began to play. Rebecca then grabbed her father and enjoyed a slow dance with him.  Lets not forget dessert! Everyone then took their seats once again as they were served some delicious cake and coffee as well. At the end of the evening everyone was exhausted from all the partying, so it was time to say goodbye. Everyone then formed one big circle on the dance floor and gave Rebecca a hug and a kiss and danced on last time before the night was over. We want to thank the Fox family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah. 

Mazel Tov Rebecca!