Brock Landis Bar Mitzvah January 26, 2013

February 13th, 2013

p0212It was a cold Saturday evening, January 26th 2013 when Brock Landis was called to the torah at a small family service a Beat Street. Brock opened the torah and read with great pride as his parents, grandparents and older sister watched with gleam in their eyes. Following the service everyone headed out of the service room and over to the main party room as it was time for cocktail hour to begin. For the cocktail hour the kids p0306remained on the upper level at Beat Street where the played video games and the adults stayed in the main party room where they were able to enjoy some food as well as mingle with friends. Once the cocktail hour came to a close it was time for some partying to begin at Brocks Bar Mitzvah. Jillian from Beat Street gathered everyone on the dance floor, as it was time for the family to be introduced into the room. Everyone then formed a large circle and cheered for Brock as his name was announced. Brock then ran through crowd giving the people around him a high five, as it was time for the party to begin. After the introductions everyone then settled down, as it was time for the candle p0541lighting. Brock then called up all of his close family and friends and they each lit a candle in his honor. Once all the candles were lit Brock then closed his eyes and with the help of his family they all began to blow out the candles. Once the candle lighting was completed it was time for the hora to begin. Everyone then gathered back on the dance floor and formed two circles as they danced around Brock and his family in honor of his special day. Let the celebration begin! Jillian had p0835everyone on the dance floor from start to finish. All the guest were having a great time dancing and even playing games as well. Jillian then had everyone settle down, as it was time for all the guest to sit and enjoy a delicious dinner.  After the dinner Brock then called his mom up to the dance floor so the two of them can enjoy a nice slow dance. After the slow dance all the guest came up to the floor to party some more and they enjoyed another elating dance set provided by Jillian. After the dance set it was time for guest to settle down once more and enjoy some delicious dessert. For dessert the guest enjoyed cake and fresh coffee as well. Once dessert was over everyone then gathered on the dance floor and formed one large circle to give Brock a hug and a kiss and dance one last time before the night was over. We want to thank the Landis family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Brock’s Bar Mitzvah. 

Mazel Tov Brock!