Seth & Justin’s B’nai Mitzvah March 2, 2013

March 14th, 2013

p0065 It was a great day in history March 2, 2013 Seth and Justin Rabinowitz set out on a journey and this was a journey on becoming a man in the Jewish religion. The two young men took to the bema at Beth Or on Saturday morning and led a beautiful service with their close family and friends watched with great pride as the two boys read from the torah. Once the wonderful service was completed, all the families and friends headed back home to relax and get ready for a great celebration at the Fuge in Warminster. As the sun began to set and nightfall was starting to arrive the Rabinowitz’s p0464 family and friends all headed over to the Fuge as they were ready to party with Seth and Justin on their special day. As the guest began to enter the building they were greeted with wonderful space theme decorations and place cards as well. To complement all the space theme decorations the main party room was set up with two life like space shuttles. As the guest began to filter in more and more they were greeted by family and friends and enjoyed some delicious foods and music as they enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour. Once the cocktail hour came to a close the guest all headed into the main room to enjoy a dance set hosted by Romeo from All Around Entertainment. Once everyone was out on the dance floor Romeo then had all the guests form a large walkway, as it was time for the family to be introduced. The first of the two boys to be called into the room was Justin. The music began to play and the fog started p0867to poor from the ceiling as Romeo called Justin’s name. Justin then came out of a space shuttle that was on the dance floor and ran through the crowd as everyone cheered for him. Once Justin came into the room it was now time for yet another special young man to be introduced. Romeo then called out Seth’s name numerous times and he was nowhere to be found. Romeo then called his name one last time and Seth popped out onto the dance floor as everyone began to cheer for him as well. Once all the introductions were complete it was time for all the guests to take their seats so Seth and Justin can do a small p0887candle lighting. The two boys then each lit three candles in honor of some special people. Once all the candles were lit the boys accompanied by their parents and two sisters began to blow out the candles. As the smoke cleared from the room and the tone for the hora began to play, everyone packed on the dance floor once more to honor the family. Once the hora was complete all the guest then took their seats once more and they all enjoyed a delicious dinner served by Barclay caterers. Once the dinner was complete everyone then remained seated so that they can listen to some special words given by Seth and Justin’s mom and dad expressing their love for the boys. Once p0967mom and dad completed their speech Seth and Justin’s sisters both came onto the dance floor as the two of them prepared a special presentation for their brothers. The two sisters then got up and preformed a song about their brothers to express their love for them. After the two girls had finished their song the boys then went and grabbed their mom and shared a p1324 lovely slow dance with her. After the slow dance Romeo then called all the guests back up onto the dance floor so everyone can enjoy some more music and dancing. All the guests were having a great time for the rest of the evening. The adults enjoyed some fun filled dance sets and the kids also had a great time playing some fun games with one another. As the evening began to come to a close Romeo then had everyone on the dance floor form one large circle around the Rabinowitz family. All the guests then gave Seth and Justin and hug and a kiss and congratulated the two boys on their special day as well as dance to one last song. We want to thank the Rabinowitz family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Seth and Justin’s B’nai Mitzvah. 

Mazel Tov!

Seth and Justin