Mallory Goodman’s Bat Mitzvah March 23, 2013

April 5th, 2013

p0179It was a chilly spring morning, March 23rd 2013 when Mallory Goodman was called to the torah at Tifereth Bet Israel.  Mallory led a wonderful service and with great pride her parents and older sister watched, as she was becoming a Bat Mitzvah. After the wonderful service led by Mallory all her close family and friends headed home to relax and get ready for the wonderful party to come in the evening at p0311Meadow Lands Country Club.  As five o clock rolled in and the evening began to arrive Mallory and all her close family arrived to have a fun filled portrait session before her party. Once the portrait session came to a close all of Mallory’s friends began to arrive, as they were ready to party with her on her special day. Cocktail hour then begun and the adults enjoyed some food and got to mingle with friends and the kids enjoyed games as well. Once the cocktail hour was over it was time for some real partying to begin. All the guest then packed into the party room and formed one large circle on the dance floor, as it was time for the family to be introduced into the room. Everyone then began to cheer as they heard Mallory’s name being called. Two lovely gentlemen then escorted her into the room and everyone then began to dance, as they were ready to party with Mallory. After everyone enjoyed some dancing it was time to settle down, as Mallory was ready to have her special candle lighting.  She then began to call up all her close family and friends one by one to light a candle p0668in her honor. Once all the candles were lit Mallory accompanied by her family then closed her eyes and made a wish as she began to blow out her candles. As the smoke began to clear the hora then began to play as everyone got back onto the dance floor and formed two large circles around Mallory and her family. After the hora everyone then took their seats once more as they p0967enjoyed a delicious dinner and got to watch a special montage made by Mallory’s older sister. Let the celebration begin! Sedrick from All Around Entertainment had everyone on the dance floor from start to finish. All the kids and adults were enjoying fun filled dance sets and even games as well. Once all the excitement started to settle down a slow began to play and Mallory then shared a special dance with her father as everyone watched.  After Mallory had her special dance it was time for everyone to sit down and enjoy some delicious dessert. All the guest then got to enjoy some cake and ice cream and relax a little after all the partying. Once everyone had finished their dessert they all came up to Mallory and congratulated her and said her goodbyes as everyone headed home after such a fun evening. We want to thank the Goodman family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Mallory’s Bat Mitzvah.

Mazel Tov