Ross Gold’s Bar Mitzvah March 9, 2013

April 6th, 2013

p0059It was a warm spring day, March 9th 2013 when Ross Gold took stand at Beth Or. Ross then read from Torah with great pride, as he was ready to become a Bar Mitzvah. Watching and supporting Ross on his big day were his parent’s grandparents and his older brother. After Ross completed a wonderful service all his friends packed on to the bus and his close family all got into their cars as they headed over to William Penn Inn to party p0081 with Ross and his family. Once the guests started to arrive they were greeted with a fun Olympic theme. As everyone got settled they got a chance to mingle with friends and enjoy some delicious cocktail food. Once the cocktail hour came to a close all of Ross’s family and friends packed onto the dance floor to have some fun provided by Anthony from Hot Hot Hot entertainment. While everyone was having a good time Anthony directed p0312all the guests to form one large circle on the dance floor, as it was time to bring the family into the room. Anthony then called Ross’s name and as everyone cheered Ross was escorted through the crowd by four lovely cheerleaders. Once everyone was in the room things started to settle down, as it was time for the candle lighting. Ross then called up all his close family and friends to come up a light a candle in his honor. Once all the candles were lit Ross then closed his eyes and made a wish and with the help of his family began to blow out his candles. As the smoke began to clear the hora began to play and all p0594the guests then gathered back onto the dance floor to circle around Ross in his honor. After the hora all the guests then took their seats, as they were ready to enjoy a delicious buffet as well as watch a montage about Ross. Once everyone was p0831done eating Anthony then brought everyone back onto the dance floor to party some more. All the guests were having a great time and the kids and adults both enjoyed games as well as music from start to finish.  As all the guests started to settle down they then took their seats once more to have some cake and coffee. After dessert Anthony then had all the guests form one large circle on the dance floor so everyone can hug Ross and his family as well as congratulate him on his special day. We want to thank the Gold family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Ross’s Bar Mitzvah.

Mazel Tov