Architecture Photography

April 22nd, 2014

Everybody travels. Whether the traveling be up the street or across the country. When traveling most people come across really nice buildings that should be photographed. Hy Paul is going to give you some quick tips on how to photograph architecture. When photographing architecture the first thing to consider is time of day. The only lighting you will have on the building that your photographing is the light outside. Time of day is key in order to get the best shot. Depending on the location you are in will depend on the time of day you can shoot. For me I consider the best time of day to be right when the sun goes down that time is to be considered as “Money Hour”. When the sun goes down it gives you not as harsh lighting as will as some good accent lighting around the building your photographing. Once you have planned out the lighting situation planned out the next step is focusing on the camera settings. When photographing architecture it is very important to make sure that your subject is straight and sharp all the way through. Having things in your shot that are in focus and out of focus make the shot not strong compositionally. So overall it is key to have things straight and sharp. Some cool effects that you can add to you shot to make the sky look really good are filters. For all lens they make there is filters that fit on the front on the lens that you can purchase at a low cost. For shooting outside it is recommended to use either a yellow filter or even a red filter. These filters will add more snap and pop to the sky and clouds in your shot. If you don’t want to spend the money on these filters you can also create this effect in photoshop by using the red and yellow filter settings that they have to offer. Below are some architecture shots the we at Hy Paul Studio have taken inside Dwelling Furniture Warehouse and outside at Beth Shalom. After seeing the images below give it a try the weather is nice now so go for a walk and try to find some neat looking buildings to photograph. Remember to stay up to date with all of our posting on Facebook and well as follow us on Twitter. Feel free to post some of you shots to the web and tag us in it so we can see what you came up with.