Self Portraits

April 8th, 2014

 Taking pictures is something that everybody can do. It’s very easy considering if you have a smartphone then you have a camera that has the potential to take good photos. Taking really good photographs with your smartphone is something that is very easy to do and here at Hy Paul Studio we are going to give some quick tips and advice to taking the best possible pictures you can with your smartphone. Many of us including myself have a habit of taking “Selfies” or better known as self portraits. There are a few simple things that you can do to get the best “Selfie” that you possible can. To start those who have a smartphone with a front facing camera, should use it to take a self portrait because it will be easier to see what you are doing. For those who don’t have a front facing camera can also achieve great self portraits but it is just going to be a little more difficult because you can’t see what your doing. The first thing you need to consider when take that self portrait is the lighting. If you are in a room with low light you should step into an area with light so you can get a proper exposure on the face. Some good examples of lighting that will workout well for you would be standing under a spot light, use natural lighting such as window light or outside lighting and even the lights in you location will work to. Next you will need to position yourself in an area that has the most optimum lighting. To see what the light is doing for your photograph just use the front facing camera on your phone and look at yourself with the lighting conditions that you are in. Once you do that then decide whether or not the lighting you have is going to work for you. If the lighting is going to work you can move on to the next step in taking the self portrait with your smartphone. Once you are positioned with the light find something that is white whether it is a piece of paper, cardboard or anything you have on your person that is white. The reason for having something like a whiteboard is because white acts as a reflector and the light will reflect off the white object that you may be using and add extra illumination to your face. Once you have picked the lighting and found something good to use as a fill then you are ready to take your photograph. The posing you do is all up to you. Try to do something fun that show your personality and with the right pose as well as using the lighting tips we have listed for you then you will have the best “Selfie”. By these steps you can create the ultimate self portrait just by using your smartphone. Below are some “Selfie” pictures that we took with Ryan, from Hot Hot Hot Entertainment. Keep up to date with Hy Paul Studio by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By following us you can stay up to date will all of our quick tip photography blogs.