Food Photography

October 10th, 2014

When dinning out at a fancy restaurant or even cooking that delicious meal at home it is always fun to photograph the food as a work of art. When professionals photograph food they use huge set up’s with multiple lights and high end cameras, but you don’t need all that to photograph food and make it look delicious. You can successfully photograph food and make it look like the professionals do with a few simple things, which include: a good cellphone, some window light and the food of course. When dinning out or photographing food at home the first step you want to take is finding the light so you can position your dish properly in the light. Finding the light is something very easy to do because all you need is a decent sized window and find where the light is falling from the window. Once you have picked the window with the best light the next thing you want to do is position the food in the light so you can see all the beautiful textures of the food. Some may notice after doing this that the light is creating some unwanted shadows on the dish and there is one simple thing you can do to get rid of them. To get rid of those unwanted shadows use either a white napkin or a small white card. The reason for this is because white reflects light and the small white card or napkin will reflect the light and fills the shadows in. So remember when photographing f _HYP2227 HYP_1778ood can be easy and fun and all you need to get an amazing shot is a great dish to photograph some nice window light and a cellphone.