Adding Ambiance To Your Mitzvah

April 26th, 2016

Are you planing a Mitzvah?? Then as you know there are a lot of important components to take into consideration. Some of the top components people consider would be caring, venue, decor, entertainment and of course photography & videography. To me one of the most important components tied into a mitzvah would be the ambiance of your room.

Ambiance by definition is the atmosphere of a place. Now think about it! Most people will remember the ambiance of a party. Many things play a factor in achieving great ambiance at a party. In my opinion that is best achieved by adding up lighting around the room. Something as simple as up lighting changes everything. Up lighting can turn the most simple of rooms into something extraordinary. Think about how amazing your room will look to you in person, now wouldn’t you want that same look in all your photographs? Of course! I think capturing that ambiance plays a major role in photography. Hy Paul Studio has created a style of photography that maintains your rooms ambiance and gives your photography the raw emotion that turns ordinary pictures into what we like to say ” Real Photographs.” Being able to show that ambiance of a reception room in your photographs takes true ambiance that you worked so hard to create.

Here are some photographs that demonstrate how were preserve up lighting and capture the raw emotion at our Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. The photographs were taking at The Fuge in Warminster, White Manor Country Club in Malvern, Greenacres Country Club in Lawrenceville, A Loft in Cherry Hill, and The City Line Hilton in Philadelphia.


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