P0265It was a lovely Saturday morning November 10, 2012 when Olivia & Arielle May were called to the torah at Kenneth Israel. Olivia and Arielle were called up to read the torah and they sounded like they have been doing it their whole life. Watching with great pride, as Olivia and Arielle were B’nai mitzvahed were their grandparents, parents, and as well as there two younger sisters. Following the services the families went home to rest for a little before the celebration began at Beat Street. Before the start of the soon to be wonderful party the family had a photo session with Al, and Zach from Hy Paul Studio. The photo shoot included pictures with the entire family and after the photos shoot it was time for cocktail hour to begin. The cocktail hour was a great time for everyone. The kids were all gathered upstairs at Beat Street sharing laughs and P0339having a good time while the adults were enjoying snacks and mingling with one another. While everyoP0637ne was enjoying a lovely cocktail hour the main party room was being set up. The theme of the party was social networking. All the tables had different types of social networking designs on it and as well as all sorts of candy for the guests to enjoy. Some of the candy even included oversized marshmallows. Now it is time for the real fun to begin.
Before the family was introduced into the room Bobby Morganstein from Beat Street called the entire party onto the dance floor to celebrate. Arielle and Olivia were then called into the room. The two then held hands and ran right through the crowd as everyone cheered for them. After the two came into the room it was then time for the hora. The two girls were then lifted up into the chair as everyone danced around them in their honor. Once the hora was done it was time for the candle lighting. The two girls called up some important people in their lives to light the candles and once they were all light the girls blew out the candles and the P0898partying then began.
Let the celebration begin, Bobby has everyone on the dance floor from beginning to end, the kids and adults were enjoying music as well as games and everyone was having a great time. The party then quieted down as mom and dad raised a glass and exchanged some thoughtful words about their two lovely daughters. As well as mom and dad the two sisters had some thoughtful words of their own to say about their older sisters. Let’s not forget the desserts. After the wonderful toasts everyone lined up to have some freshP1241 cake, cookies and even ice cream too.
At the end of the evening everyone was exhausted from all the festivities. So it was time to say goodbye as everybody gathers on the dance floor to say goodbye to Olivia and Arielle as well as the video, as the evening came to a close.
We want to thank the May family for letting Hy Paul Studio be apart of Olivia and Arielle’s B’nai mitzvah.