About our Packages:

“Be Covered, Not Confused”

With Hy Paul it’s a simple as one, two, three!

  1. Choose which coverage you prefer.
  2. Check out any additional services you may need.
  3. Let us do the rest.

It’s That Easy!

Never be mislead again by another photographer’s packages, you can rest assure that you know with any one of our Hy Paul Packages you will always be covered and never confused.



For over 70 years we have listened to what our clients are looking for in a photographer/videographer that’s why our photo and video packages are constructed to fit everybody’s needs and wants.

The two most asked questions that we get are, how many hours of coverage does your package include and how many photos do you take. Our answers are always our coverage is from start to finish with no hourly charge and we always stay until the end of the affair. The amount of photos taken at your affair is unlimited (from 600 to 1200’s)