Barnet Paul-(Videographer/Editor)

With over 30 years of experience in videography Barnet’s creativity has changed the way our customers view their video. He is always looking for interesting and innovative ways to bring our customers the latest in technology, such as the latest “Crane Camera”. Our customers look to him for his knowledge and great ideas for videography making their experience and easy one.

Being able to create memories and preserving families most special moments is what Barnet loves about his job. As partner of Hy Paul, Barnet has over 30 years of photography/videography experience. It is his photography background that allows him to produce some of the most amazing videos you will ever see. Barnet’s style of videography has always been a hand held, free motion, low light style that has been a success for many years.

Barnet has taken video to a whole new level, being able to capture images with his crane camera it has set him apart from all others in his industry. If it’s shooting or editing you can bet that with Barnet’s unique style your video will be one you will cherish for many years.

Mark Goodman-(Videographer)

There are not many videographers as loyal to one company as Mark Goodman. Mark has been with Hy Paul for 15 years. He started as a 2nd camera man who has worked his way up to be one of Hy Paul’s top videographers. Mark was trained by Barnet himself so he is able to incorporate that same style and technique in his shooting. Mark brings professionalism, knowledge, and pride to every event.



When it comes to videography Richard has a style that’s all his own. Richard has 30 years experience in the video industry. Rich, who was a part of Beta Vision back in the 80’s, is best know for his unique “rolling dolly” technique which allows him to make seamless movements so your video will look just like it came right off the Hollywood set. Rich brings creativity and style to every video that is second to none.